Transformer Servicing at site

  • Refurbishments/Maintenance
  • Inspection and Testing(Electrical/Oil Test)
  • Transformer Oil Filtration & Regeneration
  • Vacuum drying of Active Part (Core-Coil Assembly)
  • Oil Leak rectification
  • Modifications/Replacement of Accessories, Radiators, Cooling fans

Transformer Maintenance / Refurbishment (Factory)

  • Transformer Troubleshooting
  • Active Part Reconditioning
  • Oil Filtration / Regeneration
  • Vacuum drying of Active part
  • Fabrication & Painting of Transformer Tank, Radiator
  • Tap Switch Modification/Replacement
  • Gasket Seal replacement
  • Vacuum Oil Filling & Nitrogen Sealing
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Oil Testing as per IEC/Customer standards

Transformer Up-Rating & Modifications

We ensure up-rating and modifications to save the Transformer’s lifespan. Replacements could be incredibly disruptive and expensive due to which we consider a cost-effective way to increase its performance.

Transformer Annual Maintenance Contracts

We offer AMC services to maintain Deterioration, Highlights High Priority Assets, which reduces the risk of Unexpected Failures.

Transformer Lifecycle Management

  • Periodic Inspection
  • Electrical & Oil Testing.
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Refurbishment /Maintenance.
  • Inspection Quality Control (QC) /Quality Assurance(QA). )
  • Suspected Transformer Faults & Investigation.
  • Transformer Life Expedition & Plotting of Degradation

Transformer Inspections and Health Checks

Preventative/Predictive Maintenance Inspections to find potential problems at regular intervals.

Transformer Testing And Condition Monitoring

Pre-Maintenance Electrical tests is conducting to supervise any damages and to find out any replacements to carryon.

Transformer Oil Tests & Analysis

  • Monitor Oil levels & Temperature from respective Measuring Gauges.
  • Oil sampling, Analysis & Testing as per IEC.
  • Highlight and fix issues that could lead to shutdowns or repairs

Dissolved Gas Analysis

  • High thermal and electrical stress analysiss
  • Decomposition of the oil analysis
  • Faults identification on different gasses
  • Analyzing gasses to know the performance and conditions.

24/7 Transformer Support

We offer Support Service and consulting across the territory to keep the system towards its finest performance, we offer a Customized Technical Support and repairs round-the-clock for every customer.